Miss Mysa Events offers speciality event planning for corporate and social occasions.

'Less is more' has never been our mission statement. In-fact, Miss Mysa Events is more. Our days more delightful. Our glitter more gleeful. Our flowers more fragrant. We go over-the-top, over-indulge and even over-share, but it always comes together in an overabundance of beauty. That's where the magic happens. A lot of a lot that fits perfectly into the day and flows gently into the night.

Grand greetings, disco dancing, delicate dining, celebratory champagnes and succeeding sips, our events are a gala of moments carefully conceptualized, crafted and considered. Behind the scenes, we work with enthusiasm from the very beginning to the very end – planning, designing, assembling, constructing, installing and pouring. We do a lot, and there is a lot do, but Miss Mysa Events is more than just the sum of its parts.

Our peculiar persona is a non-profit. Daughter of Multicultural Youth SA (MYSA), our services are delivered by an inspiring team of multicultural young professionals. Our collaborations provide opportunities for these powerful, beautiful and incredible souls to gain the necessary experience to venture out in the world and find their feet.

The Team


Creative Director

Born wearing iridescent sequins and roses in her hair, it's natural for Tamara to see the world through rosé-coloured glasses. Her role brings life to the team while delivering the highest level of quality. Best described as a rule-breaking perfectionist, lavishly generous, fashionably favourable and a leader of social change, Tamara also undertakes the role of CEO at Multicultural Youth SA (MYSA).


Graphic Designer

Meet Cristian. We bombard him with outrageous and ambitious briefs but this Colombian creative always returns with design ideas we never thought possible. As an exemplar of the extraordinary, his designs are passionately personalised and exquisitely crafted to make every detail count. Cristian is the Graphic Designer at MYSA and Miss Mysa Events.


Operations Manager

While many of the Miss Mysa Events team can be found deep in La La Land, Fatima is overseeing and overachieving. No matter what we throw at her, Fatima will do it efficiently, politely and perfectly. Her ability to locate, manage and deliver the unattainable with complete ease is something to be applauded. We're very humbled by Fatima's impressive journey with MYSA and Miss Mysa Events.

Miss Mysa Events is built on a foundation of equality and opportunity. Not only do we offer fabulous service, we are proud that it is delivered with unmatched determination by a team of young professionals from refugee and migrant backgrounds.