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Corporate Events

Business, briefcases and... beverages? The brain draining nine-to-five is a tiresome task. We agree, you and your team deserve a drink.

We're the curators of the corporate, purveyors to the professionals. Give Human Resources a break and your team the opportunity to shine! From the very start to the very end, we plan, prepare and impress. You simply need to show up (and yes, we can plan how you do that too).

Our services cater to a variety of corporate events. From full-day meetings, workshops, seminars and holiday parties to tailored feasts, beverages and decorations for smaller events – we understand that different purposes require different solutions. Whether mild, medium or extra-spicy, you can trust Miss Mysa Events to deliver a day perfectly fitting for you and your crew. Contact us now and we'll begin preparing the ideal plan.

While our concepts and team are top-notch, we are a non-profit and for many organisations that's important. Read more about your businesses contribution to social services with Miss Mysa Events.

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