Event Hire

Furnishings & Flourishes

Seats, benches, lounges, rugs, lights, bars and games; from speciality-themed collections to the whole kit and caboodle.

Miss Misa Events has sourced an extensive array of furnishings from every corner of our handsome planet. The range is curated to tailor every person and their unique plans with a variety of styles, quantities and purposes. Beyond simply seats and stools, we have gained and gathered a gallery of beautiful items to feed, entertain and welcome guests.

Our collection covers a variety of types and needs. We have french-entrenched benches, yields of leather-sealed chesterfields, couches vouched by slouches, bazaar bars, tables for ladles of tasteful bagels, uncommon and forgotten ottomans, rare pairs of bear hair chairs, placed chaises for graceful faces and metres upon metres of two seaters.

The collection is available through tiered packages. Don't hesitate to contact us for our most recent catalogue of available pieces.

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